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The Great Answer: Why Should We Hire You With No Experience?

Hi, there, my name is Justin Blake from the interview training website Kareerberry. And in this next tutorial, I will teach you how to answer the interview question, why should we hire you with no experience? So if you have a job interview coming up and you have little or no work experience, this question is really difficult to answer. However, stay tuned because I will give you the perfect scripted response.

why should we hire you with no experience

Let’s get straight into the presentation, so to help you pass your interview, I will cover the following three things during this tutorial.

  1. Number one, I will explain why the interviewer is asking you the question of why should we hire you with no experience? Now, if you understand why the interview question is being asked, you can give the best answer.
  2. Number two, I will then tell you the four things you really must include in your response. Now, if you include these four things, you are guaranteed to impress the hiring manager.
  3. And finally, number three, I will then give you the perfect scripted answer that is suitable for all job roles.

Number one

To begin with, why is the interviewer asking you the question, why should we hire you with no experience? Well, the interviewer is taking a risk by hiring you with no experience. Therefore, they want you to convince them that you are worth taking that risk. Now, if you can prove to the interviewer that taking you on in the role with no experience is going to be far more beneficial to their company than employing someone who is experienced, you are more likely to get hired.

Number two

Now, before I give you my example answer, let me tell you the four things you really must include in your answer to the interview question.

  • Number one. Tell the interviewer that you have no experience and you are effectively a blank canvas. This means you are someone they get to train up in the role to the required standard and the highest productivity levels.
  • Number two is to say that despite not having any work experience yet, you do understand the importance of being commercially aware. Now being commercially aware means you will do everything you can in your job to help their business increase sales and profits and also become a market leader.
  • Number three is to tell the interviewer You are a fast learner. This is a good one now, although you have no experience yet, you are keen to learn. You can easily retain lots of job specific information, and they won’t have to spend hours on end monitoring or supervising you in the role.
  • A number four is to say that your self motivation, your desire to succeed and your ambitious personality are worth more to their organization than someone that is experienced, but perhaps demotivated. You can also say that you will willingly take on tasks that are outside of the job description, and you will be available to work extra hours as it were needed to help out their business.

Number three

Let me now give you my top scoring example answer to that difficult interview question why should we hire you with no experience? Here we go.

  • You should hire me for four reasons. Reason number one is that I am new to work and therefore I am a blank canvas. You get to trade me up to be the perfect employee now because I want to stay working at your company for a long time. You will see the benefits of this in my work ethic and my high levels of output.
  • Reason number two is because even though I don’t yet have any work experience, I am commercially aware. I know that for your business to succeed, I must work hard and be a positive role model for your company.
  • Reason number three is because I am a very fast learner. I retain information easily, which means you won’t have to spend your valuable time supervising me or closely monitoring me moving forward.
  • Finally, reason number four is because my drive, my self motivation and my determination to succeed means you will always see a positive return on your investment if you choose to hire me.

There is a brilliant, top scoring answer to that difficult and challenging interview question, why should we hire you with no experience?

Now the next thing to do is head through to my website and you can find full set of interview questions and top scoring answers, including the ones I’ve worked through together today so make sure you go through to the website because I’ve also placed more questions on there that I recommend you prepare for. There’s also some really important additional tips that will help you to polish your interview. Make sure you check those out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial. As I said at the start, it’s really important because I can then help you not just pass every job interview, but I can help you to negotiate a salary, get a pay rise and also get a promotion and make sure you share your feedback on the comments section. That’s all I ask that motivates me to create more articles for you. It’s really good to connect with like minded professionals such as yourself. Thank you so much for reading, and I wish you all the best for passing your interview. Have a brilliant day!

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