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New: Common Customer Service Interview Questions & Brilliant Answers

Hi, there, my name is Justin Blake from the interview training website, Kareerberry. And in this tutorial, I will give you common customer service interview questions and answers to help you pass your interview. If you have a job interview coming up for any role or any company, make sure you stay tuned because I will help you be the successful candidate.

common customer service interview questions

Let’s jump straight into the tutorial.

Question number one

Interview question number is tell about yourself. Here’s my answer.

  • I am a very positive, happy, caring and sociable person, and I enjoy helping other people. I genuinely enjoy working in customer service roles.
  • I also have the skills and qualities that are a match for the job description, so I’m confident I can come into this role and get up to speed really quickly, which means you won’t have to spend lots of time monitoring or supervising me.
  • I have previous experience of working in customer facing roles, and I know the importance of customer service in any company. Customer service is vital if a company is going to be successful and also beat its competitors.
  • I pride myself on being the type of person who is able to robustly deal with difficult situations and challenges. I can handle customer complaints in a competent manner, and I will always follow company rules and procedures.
  • I also believe that I’m very good at winning over dissatisfied customers, and I will always try and upsell within the role to help increase company revenue.
  • Finally, I recently completed an online customer service training course through the website Udemy so I have extra knowledge and up to date expertise that will help me excel within the position.

Question number two

Interview question number two. What does customer service mean to you. Here’s my example answer.

  • Customer service means many things to me. Customer service means first and foremost, going above and beyond what is expected. You want to make all customers feel welcomed, valued and appreciated whenever they come into contact with the business.
  • It would also be my responsibility from a customer service perspective to encourage customers to come back to your company time and time again. Essentially, they would become long term.
  • Advocates of the business and good customer service is about encouraging customers to recommend your company to their friends and family, and that helps you to save money from an advertising perspective.
  • Customer service is also about constantly analyzing what you can do in your role to improve the customer service experience because it’s important in customer service that you always meet the demands of your customers.
  • And finally, customer service is about being consistent. You have to be constantly really good at what you do better than your competitors. And to achieve that, you have to be consistent and always look to improve what skills and qualities are needed to work in customer service.
  • There are numerous different skills and qualities needed to work in customer service. You need to be a competent and confident communicator. You need to be a really good listener because when you listen to the customer, it gives you information that helps you create and sell products and services that they need.
  • You need to be a believer in the company brand because if you are passionate about the brand, it makes it easier for you to upsell. You need to be a positive role model when representing the company.
  • You also need to be willing to go above and beyond what is required and also be flexible and adaptable. So if you need to help out the company at short notice, you should be willing to do that.
  • You also need to be knowledgeable, most importantly, on company procedures, especially in respect of the complaints process that the company wants you to follow in your role.

Question number three

Interview question number three is how would you deal with a customer complaint. Here’s my great answer.

  • Whatever I was dealing with a customer complaint, I would, first of all, listen to the customer. That’s really important, and you need to show them that you are genuinely listening and paying attention. I would ask them questions to get to the bottom of the issue. And the quicker you can get to the bottom of the problem, the better I would apologize quickly if the company was at fault.
  • I would be genuine in my apology and I would then put a plan of action in place, a process for resolving their complaints. And I would agree that process with the customer.
  • I would confirm with them that they were happy with my plan of action. I would then take decisive action to resolve the complaint. I would keep the customer updated and I would follow up with them to make sure that they were happy once the resolution had been completed.
  • And finally, whenever dealing with a customer complaint, I would look to learn from the situation and share any feedback I had with the remainder of my team.

Question number four

Interview question number four is what’s the best customer service you’ve ever received. Here’s my answer.

  • I would say the best customer service that I’ve ever received was through Amazon. Several weeks ago, I placed an order online and the order was going to be delivered the following day. When the next day came, I received a notification on my smartphone to say the product had been delivered when in fact it hadn’t.
  • Now, naturally, I was disappointed with this, so I went online to make a complaint. Now this is where Amazon’s customer service really impressed me. The complaints procedure was seamless.
  • It was really easy to use, and I was able to quickly speak to a customer service agent when I was explaining to the customer service agent what had happened.
  • They were genuine in their apology and they and it seemed like they really wanted to put things right quickly for me. They found the order within seconds.
  • They apologized and they immediately dispatched a new product, and I like the fact that the complaints procedure was quick.
  • The customer service agent was knowledgeable, and they really cared about giving the right level of customer service, and I learned a lot from that experience how important it is to always focus on the customer and do what they want you to do.

Question number five

Interview question number five is how would you deal with an angry customer. Here we go.

  • Whatever dealing with an angry customer, I think it’s important to not take what they are saying personally. You have to always focus on creating a successful resolution so I would not take anything they said personally and I would listen to them.
  • And while I was speaking, I would show them that I was paying attention and genuinely caring about their situation. I would also give the customer time to vent because buying by allowing them to vent their frustrations.
  • It helps make them feel listened to and valued. Whenever the time was right, I would ask them questions because I would want to get to the trigger point.
  • What was it that has happened that has made them feel angry? Because then that information then enables me to put a plan of action in place to resolve it. I would show empathy and understanding whilst dealing with the angry customer.
  • I would be confident, though, in resilience whilst dealing with them. I would put a plan of action in place.
  • I would quickly resolve any issues that they had and I would learn from the process so my aim would be at all times to win them over and get them to be a happy customer.

Question number six

Interview question number six is why should we hire you. Here’s my answer.

  • I believe you should hire me for several reasons. The first reason is I have a good level of business acumen, so I understand you are investing in this role and I need to give you a good return on that investment and that will be achieved by consistently offering outstanding customer service to your customers.
  • You should also hire me because you won’t have to constantly monitor or supervise me moving forward, and I am also a very fast learner. I am able to follow rules and procedures, and I am also flexible and adaptable. If you need me to come into the company to help out at short notice, then I will do.
  • Finally, you should hire me because I’m really good with people. I’m sociable. I can build connections with people. I am also open to change, and I will also always take care of my ongoing professional training and development.

Now the next thing to do is head through to my website and you can find full set of interview questions and top scoring answers, including the ones I’ve worked through together today so make sure you go through to the website because I’ve also placed more questions on there that I recommend you prepare for. There’s also some really important additional tips that will help you to polish your interview. Make sure you check those out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial of common customer service interview questions. As I said at the start, it’s really important because I can then help you not just pass every job interview, but I can help you to negotiate a salary, get a pay rise and also get a promotion and make sure you share your feedback on the comments section. That’s all I ask that motivates me to create more articles for you. It’s really good to connect with like minded professionals such as yourself. Thank you so much for reading, and I wish you all the best for passing your interview. Have a brilliant day!

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