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The Powerful Guide To Be Confident in an Interview (2022)

In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to be confident in an interview, and in particular, I’m going to give you 11 really important tips for overcoming interview nerves. If you have a job interview coming up for any role or any organization, make sure you stay tuned because I will help you to be successful and just very quickly.

confident in an interview

Let’s jump straight into the tutorial and I will teach you how to be confident during a job interview.

Confidence building tip number one

  • Tip number one is stop treating it as a job interview. Those words job interview put the fear into you, and they do nothing but increase your nervousness levels.
  • Instead, treat it simply as a meeting between you and a potential employer to assess your suitability for the role by treating it as a meeting. This will help to significantly reduce your interview nerves.
  • Now, it is important for me to mention that you should have some nerves before you go along to your interview, because this will tell you interviewer that you care about the role and that you care about their organization.

Confidence building tip number two

  • Tip number two is to understand what the interviewer wants from the successful candidates.
  • This is not about you getting a job instead. This is about the interviewer getting someone for the role who is going to add value to their business.
  • Once you change your mindset and you start approaching interviews in this manner, your success rate will literally skyrocket so during the interview, you want to say some things, they’re going to prove that you can add value to their business.
  • An example is to say I believe I can add value to your business by always providing great customer service, because this in itself will attract more customers to your company. Or you might say, I can be relied upon to be a supportive team worker to embrace change positively and to always ensure I take responsibility for my own professional development.

Confidence building tip number three

  • Tip number three for helping you to pass your job interview is to make sure you read a copy of the job description before you attend your interview.
  • Now, the job description is the blueprint for the role that you are applying for, and the interviewer will use this when they are assessing you.
  • The job description is also a really useful document because you can predict the type of interview questions that they are going to ask you. For example, this is a job description for a customer service representative, and it states that the ideal candidates must be able to provide excellent customer service. They must be able to multitask and they must also be able to work as part of a team.
  • Therefore, when you’re preparing for your interview based on that job description, you should prepare for interview questions such as, tell me about the time when you provided excellent customer service.
  • Tell me about a time when you had responsibility for lots of different tasks. And also tell me about the time when you worked as part of a team.
  • So make sure you get a copy of the job description and you read it before you attend your interview, because that’s a great way to help you build your confidence.

Confidence building tip number four

  • Tip number four is to make sure you spend five minutes researching their company before you go along to the interview.
  • This is going to help to reduce your nerves because you will know something about their company that you can talk about during the interview so make sure you visit their website about us page. Make sure you also look at their social media pages and make sure you follow them.
  • And you should also find one positive news story about them that you can talk about during the job interview and by researching their organization. It enables you to answer the interview questions. What can you tell me about our company? And also, why do you want to work for us?

Confidence building tip number five

  • Tip number five is to make sure that you dress to impress the interviewer.
  • Now, it is essential that you dress smartly and professionally for your job interview, because that tells the interviewer two things.
  • Number one, it tells the interviewer that you care about the interview. You want the job. If you care about the interview, you are far more likely to care about their organization and.
  • Number two, it tells the interviewer that you have high standards because all employers want to take people on who are going to carry out their tasks and duties to very high standards.

Confidence building tip number six

  • Tip number six is a really important and useful one for helping you to not only reduce your interview nerves, but it will help you to increase confidence for the rest of the interview and that is to make sure you have your answer already prepared to the first interview question.
  • Introduce yourself so if you can introduce yourself positively at the start of your interview, it then sets you up for the rest of the interview. It gets you off to a flying start because if you fumble or you forget what to say at the start of the interview, when you are likely to be the most nervous, then you will lose confidence.

Confidence building tip number seven

  • Tip number seven to help you reduce interview nerves is to actually be positive about your chances of getting the job.
  • Now, people tend to write off their chances before they even start the interview.
  • I hear people say I don’t have the experience. I’m not good enough. They won’t hire someone like me.
  • These are all rubbish statements that are not factual, and they have nothing to do with your chances of getting hired so they’re unhelpful assumptions.
  • We need to shift your mindset now. One of the best ways to significantly increase your chances of getting hired is to be polite, to smile during the interview and to also demonstrate positive interview technique.
  • Because if you demonstrate good manners throughout your interview and you build a rapport with the interviewer, then you are far more likely to get hired.
  • And the biggest mistake candidates make before enjoying their job interview is to be negative so I want you to be positive before your interview, during and after.

Confidence building tip number eight

  • Tip number eight. This is a really quick one, but it is very, very important. Make sure you maintain eye contact with the interviewer throughout the interview.
  • Now, when you listen to the interviewer and when you are answering his or her questions, always maintain eye contact because that demonstrates to the hiring manager that you are a confident person.
  • Now, this might take a little bit of practice, and in tip number nine, I will tell you how to achieve that.

Confidence building tip number nine

  • Tip number nine is a great one for significantly increasing your chances of success and for also helping you to practice maintaining eye contact and that is to carry out a mock interview before you go along to the real thing so be sure to carry out a mock interview.
  • Sit down in a chair before you go along to the interview and get a friend, a partner or a relative to ask you the following seven interview questions and practice answering them because this is really going to help you to increase confidence and reduce nervousness levels.
  • Question number one Tell me about yourself or introduce yourself.
  • Question number two. Why should we hire you?
  • Question number three What is your biggest weakness? That is a difficult interview question. Now, a good witness to give during your interview is to say that you either find it hard, say no to people, or that you have no experience yet of talking to large groups of people. Those are two really good witnesses to give.
  • The next question. Where do you see yourself in five years time?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Why do you want to work for us? Or also, what can you bring to this role.

If you want to read my full set of brilliant answers to all of those questions and more, check out this article where you can read my full set of 21 great answers to difficult interview questions.

Confidence building tip number ten

  • Tip number ten is to make sure that you have a strategy in place of what you are going to say if you cannot answer an interview question.
  • Now, if you can’t answer an interview question, don’t lose confidence. The majority of people in interviews will come across a question that they struggle to answer. But just in case you can’t answer a question, here’s a plan of what you might say you have three choices.
  • Option number one is if they ask you a question about a situation that you’ve not been in before. For example, give an example of when you’ve demonstrated excellent customer service and you’ve not done that before. Tell them about a time when you observed someone else giving excellent customer service.
  • Option number two If you can’t answer an interview, question is to ask the interviewer if you can come back to that question later on in the interview, because that then gives you a little bit.
  • A breathing space, a little bit of time to come up with an answer or option three.
  • If you really cannot answer one of the questions, simply be honest and say to the interviewer, I don’t know the answer to that question. I apologize, but I will get back to you. Once the interview is finished and you then go home, you research the answer and you email them with a response.

So there’s three ways that you can tackle the situation if you can’t answer an interview question.

Confidence building tip number 11

  • Tip number 11 is to make sure that you have three small questions ready to ask at the end of the interview.
  • Now, I can promise you this at the end of the interview, the hiring manager will say to you, That’s the end of the interview. Do you have any questions for us now? The majority of people will say, I don’t have any questions. You covered everything during the interview.
  • This is a mistake. This is your opportunity to show that you are a smart employee. My advice is to ask three smart questions, what are those question?
  • Number one is to say how has the company evolved over the years? That’s a great question, because it shows that you care about their organization and the history it has been built on.
  • Question number two is to say, what would you need me to focus on in the role within the first 30 days of starting?
  • That’s a great question, because it shows you all the type of person who plans ahead and you are visualizing yourself in the role and question number three to ask at the end of your interview is, what’s the culture like within the company?
  • That’s another great question, because it demonstrates that you understand the all successful companies have a really strong, positive culture.

So there is 11 brilliant tips to help you significantly improve to be confident in an interview.

Now the next thing to do is head through to my website and you can find full set of interview questions and top scoring answers, including the ones I’ve worked through together today so make sure you go through to the website because I’ve also placed more questions on there that I recommend you prepare for. There’s also some really important additional tips that will help you to polish your interview. Make sure you check those out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial. As I said at the start, it’s really important because I can then help you not just pass every job interview, but I can help you to negotiate a salary, get a pay rise and also get a promotion and make sure you share your feedback on the comments section. That’s all I ask that motivates me to create more articles for you. It’s really good to connect with like minded professionals such as yourself. Thank you so much for watching, and I wish you all the best for passing your interview. Have a great day!

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